Obtaining a Cyber Security Associates Degree

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You don’t wish to take a full four years of school?

You can still obtain an associates degree in Cyber Security that will teach you a lot of important material about the field.

With an associates degree; increase your knowledge of encryption, forensics, and various ways that you can protect information systems against attackers and online hackers.

What Does the Program Include?

Every cyber security associates program is going to be slightly different, but in any case, you’ll learn the basics about the field.

There are many community colleges and technical school around America who offer this program, and if you do choose to move on with it, most of them offer transfer pathways to bachelor programs.

Harrison School of Information Technology has partnered with several industry leaders such as VMware, Cisco, Microsoft, EMC and CompTIA to help you obtain up to 11 IT industry certifications. See more details here.

Programs which may include information about cyber security may include computer information security, information systems technology, network security or digital forensics.

While a full bachelors degree may make you more prepared for the workforce in the cyber security industry, even an associates degree can qualify you for industry-recognized certification exams.

Companies such as Microsoft and Cisco offer these exams to certify you as a cyber security expert.

What Courses Will Be Included?

You’ll have to take many courses to finish your degree, including some which are not specific to cybersecurity. However, here are some of the subjects of the courses you may take that will teach you more about securing computer systems:

  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Forensic investigation techniques
  • Routing protocols
  • Operating systems
  • Network security issues
  • Firewall protection
  • Security management practices
  • Software and operating systems specific to cyber security
  • System development
  • Computer supporting

What Could an Associate’s Career Look Like

Remington Gollege Grants & Scholarship
Remington Gollege Grants & Scholarship

While it is more common for people with bachelor’s degrees to be hired into a computer network administrator’s career, your 2-year degree can still open up many job opportunities to you. Simple certification is attractive to many employers, and you.

Associate’s degree can qualify you to take a test for certification. The middle 80% of security administrator salaries were between $31,535-$95,400.



What Schools Would be a Good Option?

Many schools offer associates programs in cybersecurity. Here are some of the top schools for associates programs in the field:

  • ITT Technical Institute – Associates in Computer Network Systems
  • ECPI University – Associates in Network Security, Database Programming
  • Baker College Online – Associates in Computer Programming, Web Development, Information Technology: IT Support Specialist
  • San Joaquin Valley College – Associates in Computer Systems Administration
  • Remington College – Associates in Computer and Network Administration and Electronics and computer technology
  • Harrison College – Associates in Network Administration

Check with your local community college or university which grants associates degrees. Many community colleges can offer you a useful Associates degree, or put you on the path towards getting a bachelors degree in the future.