Free online Ethical hacking and cybersecurity training with cybrary

free cybersecurity training with cybrary

Cybrary is Tackling the Crisis of High Demand, Low Supply Cyber Security Professionals

The Cybersecurity industry is in a global crisis, and it hinges on two key issues: The lack of cyber security educational opportunities and the lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals. This crisis becomes even more serious as we consider the consequence of a lack of cyber security professionals in the world. With all sectors of public and private life moving online at a faster and faster rate, cyber security is more important than ever.

One company, called Cybrary, has a vision to tackle this issue head on with an innovative method to produce more cyber security professionals in the workforce and connect them with meaningful positions.

Source: Cybrary
Source: Cybrary is the globe’s first free cyber security massive open online course (MOOC) provider, and it’s even bringing its services to the realm of mobile. The lack of learning opportunities in cyber security is particularly severe in areas of the world with non-reliable internet access. For people in these regions, an Android or mobile app could very easily be the only way they would have access to such an opportunity.

“Our mobile app was designed to meet these industry challenges by helping people with limited Web connectivity consume Cybrary’s content. When users can get Web access, they can download the cyber security courses they want to watch. When users are offline, they can view their downloaded courses on the Cybrary app, getting the education they need to advance their careers”

-Ryan Corey, Co-Founder, Cybrary.

The shortage of training and professionals in cyber security is evident

But the tools for learning have changed very little in the last ten years. Cybrary wants to change that trend and provide “the most influential online cybersecurity community…fueled by free learning and a robust job and resume market for tackling the industry skills and talent gap” (Corey).


Cybrary is a brand new company, but you wouldn’t know it by the rate of success they’ve been seeing. Started only in January of 2015, Cybrary already has over 350,000 registered users with about 84,000 people who took free cybersecurity courses in July and 150,000 in October.

Cybrary has received $400,000 in seed money to expand their brand and envision a business model designed to provide free cyber security training for everyone.

Christo Deale a student with Cybrary from South Africa, working in the health industry said:

“I really enjoy it, without them, no opportunities like this exist. So i’m happy. Wish they can expand more, have been using cybrary to upskill in my private time”

Arslan Karamat, a student with Cybrary from Pakistan, senior high School student and aspiring to become a Certified Ethical Hacker said:

“It’s amazing. So detailed yet so simple.”

Leo Dregier gives you a preview of the free computer hacking course and tells more in this video about Computer Forensics and discusses the modules and combination of certifications such as microsoft certification, Cisco, open source s.a. Linux etc. Go ahead an have a look….

Many developing nations are right on board with Cybrary and their efforts, including India, Pakistan, South Africa and Nigeria.

Cybrary is already the most popular hacking, forensics and cyber security training app available on the market.

One of the chief goals of the company is to fill the huge gap of employment in the cyber security industry. Globally, there are more than one million unfilled cybersecurity positions.

Source: Cybrary
Source: Cybrary

Demand for skilled cyber security professionals is growing 4x faster
than the overall IT job market and 12x the total labor market.  Click to Tweet.tweet-graphic


The world is begging for people who learn the trade, but face-to-face instruction through a company or college classes is not cutting it for the modern world.

How do you protect your computer from malware?

That’s why Cybrary decided to move in the innovative new direction education is slowly moving and, in a sense, bring professional career development right to your mobile device.

Globally, there are more than one million unfilled cybersecurity positions.

Cybrary embarked on and advocated several initiatives in their first year of 2015 focusing on the greater challenge of cybersecurity workforce development. They have built a talent platform for the demand of skilled cybersecurity professionals, a Women in Technology pilot program (WIT) and the creation of an educational training platform that allows an instructor to monitor cyber security curriculum. Finally, they also worked on an enterprise security training platform that helps organizations provide and manage training classes for their employees.

According to Georgia Weidman, Author, Instructor and Founder/ CTO of Bulb Security LLC:
“I see a future where women in info sec will be asked to discuss their work instead of the state of women in info sec.
Companies like Cybrary are helping to instantiate this future by providing equal access, in an unbiased environment, thereby ensuring that anyone, anywhere, at anytime has the tools at their fingertips to excel in whatever field they desire.”

What they have to offer

For anyone looking for a career in cybersecurity that doesn’t have the money or flexibility to go to college, you’re in luck. This ultra agile software will truly make it easier than it ever has been to learn this skill on the go. Cybrary ensures that their courses of the highest quality and update on a regular basis.

Classes offered include:

  • Cryptography
  • Computer Forensics,
  • Malware Analysis
  • MCSA, Linux+,
  • CCNA and Network+
  • Metasploit and Advanced Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering and Manipulation
  • Python for Security Professionals
  • Security+
  • Ethical Hacking and many more

There are hundreds of excellent topics and skills taught by Cybrary, so you should be able to specialize in any way you would like.

Cybrary only accepts the most in-demand and cutting edge courses into its curriculum. For anyone who wants to learn, there is no doubt the material they get through Cybrary is worth the time and effort.

The projected shortage in the cyber security workforce.

Leo Dregier covers topics such as penetration testing; “Learn how to think like a penetration tester”. Topics covered: traditional hacking, life cycles, scanning,
re-numeration, pen testing, system exploits etc. Have a look and enjoy.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Cybrary is not the open system education, but rather the resources available for someone to begin working with their new skills after finishing their course. Once someone completes their training, they will have an opportunity to search for jobs on a global level.

Source: Cybrary
Source: Cybrary – Click on image to tweet quote –

The difficulty of the classes ranges for a complete beginner to a seasoned hacker, so even the complete amateur who has a mobile device can begin teaching themselves a valuable new skill.

As mentioned before, Cybrary can be used either with a full internet connection or downloaded and listened to later with no internet connection.

Making a difference in the workplace?

With the rate at which Cybrary has already been adopted (nearly 200,000 trained just last year!), it sounds as if it is possible that they’ll reach their goal of filling a million jobs in no time. The founders of this company truly believe that the crisis of workforce in cybersecurity cannot be changed by any ordinary measures.

Today, they are making plans to scale the platform to where it can indeed be massive enough to address the entire global crisis.

“We wanted to put free cybersecurity learning into the hands of the people who are affected by it every day,” says co-founder Corey, “it was good to have investors who believed in it and saw it for what it could be”.

Source: Cybrary
Source: Cybrary

It didn’t take long for investors to see success. The massive numbers of people across the globe tuning into Cybrary are not only indicative of people driven to fill a professional gap in the workplace. This also suggests that new and updated platforms of learning may be an effective trend of the future.

Hundreds of thousands of people were quick to adapt to the platform, and the number of people who actually worked through training was staggering.

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If Cybrary continues to grow at the rate it has, there is no doubt they will have a major impact on the shortage crisis of cybersecurity workers. With hundreds of thousands trained just last year, a great dent in knowledge worldwide has already been made.

With the combination of quality education and a third party platform to find work, those one million jobs floating around the globe waiting for the right person may just start getting bombarded before it’s all over.

A study showed that 82% of Organizations Expect to fall victim to a Cyber attack, and 35% Are still Unable to Fill the cyber security Jobs.

Cyber security is a skill that absolutely must be well-understood if we are to move into the digital age gracefully. The levels of online fraud are through the roof and only getting worse, with even large companies like Target dealing with data breaches.

All the while, more than 80% of employers looking for cyber security professions say they always or usually have trouble finding someone to take the position. It is imperative that a solid layer of cyber security professionals are prevalent throughout the world to make sure that our newly evolving digital world is safe and sound for us to enjoy, and Cybrary is leading that effort worldwide.

Let us know if Cybrary’s massive open online courses (MOOC) are encouraging you to kickstart a career or interest in cyber security.